Saturday, 31 December 2011

Get my new picture book FREE! Limited time period.

You can download my new book for free today, but today only!
December 31st
Enjoy "Slippy the Slimy Slug!" my ebook for free by downloading it from Amazon.
Enjoy and let me know what you think and even leave me an honest review if you like.
Thanks in advance.
Paula xxx

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Children's Picture Book "Slippy, the Slimy Slug" doing well!

My latest book "Slippy, the Slimy Slug" is doing really well.
I'm so pleased!
I've had some lovely comments, saying the illustrations are clear and bright and the youngsters love them.  It seems rhyming books are still very popular. My other rhyming book "Hairy, Scary Spider?" is my best seller in the UK and in USA.
I've also put them on my website - I think that helped.

Check out the sample pictures, if you wish, on my website.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Illustrations for a new picture book.

Hi, I've been real busy doing the illustrations for a client.
He's really pleased with the finished pictures, so I'm real pleased.
I had to do at least thirty pictures about a tree surgeon called Treeman.
The finished picture book will be out in the new year, but I'll give you a sneek preview of some illustrations...

The picture book has quite a few characters that will be in the other books too, it was great fun inventing these characters, though it's always tricky inventing people from someone else's imagination. My client was great in this respect, he gave me a lot of freedom. Also, I now know SO MUCH about knots and ropes, health and safety when working at height and what sort of hat you need!
Let me know what you think of the pictures. Are they clear and bright? Easy to see?
Paula xxx

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My new website is ready!

My web site is totally ready!
I'm really pleased with it and have put tonnes of pictures in my galleries.
Now I'm all fired up to do some more painting and writing so I can keep adding to it!
Check it out for me and tell me what you think.
I called it 'tothewillowgarden' because of a huge willow tree I have in my garden.
Is it easy to use?
Are the paintings easy to see?
I'd really appreciate your comments.
Thanks in advance!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

My website is under construction.

Hi, I'm really excited about my website that is under constructuon!
I've put a link on my profile page, please let me know what you think so far.
I'm yet to put a section about my illustration work and a proper contact page, but
the For Sale Gallery is nearly complete.
There's enough on there for anyone to see the style of the site.
Please check it out and give me some feedback. Thanks
Paula XXX

Monday, 21 November 2011

New children's picture book complete.

Hoorah! I've finished all the illustrations and my book, "Slippy the Slimy Slug!" is already on Amazon for ebooks.
I'm really pleased with it, the colours are fresh and the pictures clear.
The little rhyming story is cute and fun, full of squelch and stickyness,
the characters are loveable too.
Archibald is most children's favourite, but he is so diddy and cute, I can see why!

Some of the illustrations for my latest book "Slippy the Slimy Slug!"
Tell me if you like them.
Paula XXX

Monday, 7 November 2011

HELP! Who buys a picture book, and why?

Who is it that chooses a picture book?
Is it the parent/grandparent/carer who chooses? And do they choose because of the picture on the front, or because of the description in the blurb?
Then again, is it the child, who looks down the thumbnails and chooses the picture he/she likes best?
These are very important questions to picture book writers!
My picture book "Hairy Scary Spider?" is outselling my others on Amazon. Is it because of the simple front cover?
What do you think?
Please let me know of your experiences, because I've just finished another simple story and wonder if I ought to follow the example of having a 'simple' front cover.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hi! I've worked out how to upload pictures!
The first three here are of some of my water-colours. I love to paint birds, especially those I see in my garden in the countryside of Wiltshire.
Also, I've put two of my front covers from a couple of my books that are selling really well, as ebooks.
I've had some great reviews and some lovely comments on my illustrations, which is fantastic!
Makes it all worthwhile.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Art, art and more art, plus another picture book!

I've had a real good week of art, art and more art.
I've painted lots of birds, even some miniatures on feathers.
I have a pretty blackbird who visits the garden a lot and he has been painted many times.
My garden birds sell well on ebay because I think people love to buy a painting of the
birds they see in their own gardens.
Along with the blackbird a cheeky robin has been visiting too and puffing himself up in the cold.
I painted him in snow as the contrast is effective.
With half term here in England, I've had no art lesson, except with my adult pupils, so I've had a little time!
And when I've got time I write and paint. So along with my painting, I've written another child's
picture ebook; all about slugs!
So now I've got the fun of doing all the artwork for it!
It'll be a few weeks before it'll be on Amazon, but my others are doing so well, which means people
like my work. This in turn, inspires me to do more.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Artwork and Picture Books.

Hi, I've been real busy!
I've sold some paintings on ebay tonight, with a couple going to America. This makes me feel good, that people give me some of their hard earned money, for my art. It's a big confidence boost!
Also, a client of mine has seen the first drafts of artwork for his picture book series, soon to be on Amazon Kindle ebooks, and he's really happy with the first pictures. If my client is happy, than I'm happy!
It's quite nerve racking to design or create characters that are in someone else's mind, but he's a good client, who lets me create what I see in the story, which helps. It's much easier to do the artwork on my own picture books!
Once the picture book is up and running I'll post a picture or two on here!
Meanwhile check out the art work from my other books that are on Amazon Kindle ebooks:
"A Little Bear Behind..." - Traditional sketches with minimal colour for impact.
"Hairy Scary Spider!" - A mixture of traditional drawing and digital artwork.
"Little Chicks First Day." - Traditional sketches, full of colour.
"The Great Anwen Sheep Singing Contest." Sketches, that are layered for depth and digital enhancements to maximise the effect for display on electronic media.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I've been painting with big brushes this week - I'm decorating the kitchen!
I have had a little time to paint some birds though, in water-colours and I'm
working on some black and white sketches for someone's book along with
some cartoon characters for someone else's picture book.
I also have had some great art lessons with my students this week - they
keep me on my toes!
My picture books are doing well on Amazon, "The Great Anwen Sheep Singing
Contest" is popular in America! as is "Little Chicks first Day."
Has anyone else had success in America? I'd love to hear about it!
In the UK "Hairy Scary Spider!" is my best seller with "A Little Bear Behind."
doing well too.
There doesn't seem to be a pattern for selling though, I thought bad weather in
the UK would mean more sales, (more stay at home?) and good weather would
mean less sales, (people go out more!) but it seems not.
Anyone else have any views on this?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Painting, writing and publishing on Amazon Kindle

I've been painting chickens!
I have 5 chickens of my own and they've been out on the lawn in the sunshine, so I was inspired.
I did some paintings in water colours and started some in oils too, which will take more time to complete.
My fourth little picture book is finished and on Amazon Kindle and I'm really pleased with the artwork!
It's called 'The Great Anwen Sheep Sing Contest' and my editor Tracey loves it as she, like me, loves sheep!
I'm now creating a cartoon character for someone else's picture book, so still busy, busy, busy!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Selling picture books on Amazon Kindle

Hi! I've been real busy doing the artwork for my latest ebook picture book.
I had great fun layering my images before scanning them in and they've come out with a super 3D quality!
I'm very pleased with them. They are for my new book soon to be on Amazon Kindle UK.
Check out my other picture book stories;
"A Little Bear Behind..."
"Hairy, Scary Spider?" and
"Little Chick"
They are doing better than my expectations and I've had some lovely feedback/reviews on my illustrations!
Are there any other picture book illustrators out there doing well with ebooks?
I'd love to hear your comments.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

My third book! On Amazon Kindle UK

I have a third children's picture book on Amazon Kindle.
Little Chick's First Day!
The other two are doing really well!
Infact they are doing better than my expectations were.
Has anyone else got any experiences of selling picture books on Amazon Kindle?
I'd love to hear them and compare notes, tips etc.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My picture books are selling!

Hey! My picture books are selling!
Here in the UK and in the US!
I'm really and looking forward to getting my first children's novel on.
It's complete, I'm now doing the illustrations and cover.
Watch this space!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Another book!

Yes! I've done it! Another ebook published!
I love doing these picture books, though this one about a spider gave me the shivers as I was doing the illustrations. I kept making myself jump! The whole idea of the book is not to be so scared of spiders, 'cause I'm shockingly scared of them! I wrote this story some time ago for my own children so they wouldn't have the same fear as me and it worked with my daughter who has always happily taken out the spiders for me! Result!
The link to this book is
So if you're a wimp with spiders, like me, give it a go!
Now I'm working on an ebook for teenagers, a science fiction/fantasy that's been using up my spare time for a while. This one is the first in a series and is called 'The Seventh Son'.
Not only has it got a fantastic plot it also has a inner message woven into the story, that encourages the reader to really think about the beliefs and traditions that we just accept in our lives. The whole concept of being more openminded is explored in a way that is entertaining and with characters that are believable.
Basically the story makes you think!
Just two more chapters to type and it's ready for the next stage.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Me! Therefore I am.

Hi! My name is Paula McBride and I live in the depths of Wiltshire, England.
I'm sat in my conservatory, on a cool summers evening in shorts, long stripey socks and a frumpy long cardi.
The chickens have gone to bed, my two kittens are going crazy round my feet, the fish are happily nibbling green bits stuck to the tank and the stick insect is chewing his privot and shedding his skin!
Why have I started this blog? Why not!
The long stripey socks are mandatory, as I am an artist, author and illustrator. The chickens and cats come with the territory too, but the stick insect was a gift from an equally artsy friend, who thought he would help with inspiration.
Not that I need much!
I've been painting, mostly water-colour, for over 20 years and writing children's stories for nearly that long too.
My latest, "A little Bear behind..." is my first ebook.
Sorry this link is so long!!!!!!!!!! There are ways to shorten it - I must learn.
I'm not sure how well children's picture books sell on Kindle, etc, but I've only had this book on amazon UK for a fortnight and I've made some sales, more than I thought!
So if anyone has some input on this, I'd really like to hear from you.