Sunday, 23 October 2011

Artwork and Picture Books.

Hi, I've been real busy!
I've sold some paintings on ebay tonight, with a couple going to America. This makes me feel good, that people give me some of their hard earned money, for my art. It's a big confidence boost!
Also, a client of mine has seen the first drafts of artwork for his picture book series, soon to be on Amazon Kindle ebooks, and he's really happy with the first pictures. If my client is happy, than I'm happy!
It's quite nerve racking to design or create characters that are in someone else's mind, but he's a good client, who lets me create what I see in the story, which helps. It's much easier to do the artwork on my own picture books!
Once the picture book is up and running I'll post a picture or two on here!
Meanwhile check out the art work from my other books that are on Amazon Kindle ebooks:
"A Little Bear Behind..." - Traditional sketches with minimal colour for impact.
"Hairy Scary Spider!" - A mixture of traditional drawing and digital artwork.
"Little Chicks First Day." - Traditional sketches, full of colour.
"The Great Anwen Sheep Singing Contest." Sketches, that are layered for depth and digital enhancements to maximise the effect for display on electronic media.

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