Monday, 15 August 2011

Me! Therefore I am.

Hi! My name is Paula McBride and I live in the depths of Wiltshire, England.
I'm sat in my conservatory, on a cool summers evening in shorts, long stripey socks and a frumpy long cardi.
The chickens have gone to bed, my two kittens are going crazy round my feet, the fish are happily nibbling green bits stuck to the tank and the stick insect is chewing his privot and shedding his skin!
Why have I started this blog? Why not!
The long stripey socks are mandatory, as I am an artist, author and illustrator. The chickens and cats come with the territory too, but the stick insect was a gift from an equally artsy friend, who thought he would help with inspiration.
Not that I need much!
I've been painting, mostly water-colour, for over 20 years and writing children's stories for nearly that long too.
My latest, "A little Bear behind..." is my first ebook.
Sorry this link is so long!!!!!!!!!! There are ways to shorten it - I must learn.
I'm not sure how well children's picture books sell on Kindle, etc, but I've only had this book on amazon UK for a fortnight and I've made some sales, more than I thought!
So if anyone has some input on this, I'd really like to hear from you.

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