Oh! That Naughty Puppy!

Oh! That Naughty Puppy!

Oh! That Naughty Puppy! (A Childrens Picture Book for ages 3-7)

Product Description

Another adorable picture book by best-selling author Paula McBride!

What will happen when Luke and Emma's new puppy starts chewing everything in sight?
Will they be able to keep such a naughty puppy, or will Daddy take him back to the pet shop?
Your little ones will enjoy exclaiming, "Oh! That naughty puppy!" as the little dog repeatedly chews the family's beloved items. Then they can share in the suspense as Luke and Emma wait for Daddy's return from the pet shop.
Your children will love the hand drawn illustrations that perfectly capture the cheeky, then remorseful little puppy as he chews his way through the story!

This story would be perfect for children from the ages of 3 to 7 years.

Oh! That Naughty Puppy!

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