Little Chick's First Day!

Little Chick's First Day!

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You cannot help but fall in love with Little Chick on her first day outside her egg!
Follow along as Little Chick hatches from her egg, loses her way and makes matters worse, trying to find her mum and her home.
This story has just enough excitement and a happy ending that inspires confidence in young ones.
With beautiful illustrations, that bring Little Chick's character to life, your children will love to hear this charming story over and over again.


4 out of 5 stars Delightful, January 22, 2012
This review is from: Little Chick's First Day! (A Children's Picture Book for ages 2 - 6) (Kindle Edition)
"Little Chicks First Day" is a sweet little book for toddlers and preschoolers. The story is basically one of a chick hatching and wondering where it's mother is. It looks here and there, but it doesn't find mom until it hears a rooster crow.

This book would make a good read-aloud, and the artwork is very appealing.
It's just a delightful book.

Pam T~

5 out of 5 stars Cute little story, October 18, 2011
jen - This review is from: Little Chick's First Day! (A Children's Picture Book for ages 2 - 6) (Kindle Edition)
A gentle book that really appeals to small children. The illustrations are particularly pleasing, adding greatly to the enjoyment.
The illustrations really bring out the character of the little chick, you can see and feel its sadnessness when lost, but then the excitement when she's on her way home!
I am a big fan of this author's books and illustrations.

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   It's Little Chick's First Day! Out of her egg. After the tapping and struggling of hatching out of her egg, she is ready to be in the real world. However there is only one single problem. Her family and friends are not in sight. She looks everywhere, until she just had to give up. She sobbed on a stone__Until, she hears a very familiar sound. Join the search! Read this great book by the fabulous author: Paula McBride. 

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