Saturday, 8 September 2012

Busy, busy, busy, writing the sequel to 'The Message'

Hi all,

I've been so busy writing the second book in my children's trilogy, 'The Message'.
The second book is called 'The Epoch Shroud' and it's going really well. I've really got into it!
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Also I'm sooo pleased this week as I've had a great review for one of my children's picture books on
It's lovely to hear comments about my children's ebooks, - because reviews on Amazon are like 'gold dust' - but when they're this good, I've just go to share them!

So here it is...

By Pricilla
Format:Kindle Edition
Such beautiful detail in the charming pictures. A very good tale of overcoming nervousness and achieving those dreams, but possibly in a very different way.
A definite Christmas present to follow my great-neice's birthday present of "Hairy, Scary Spider?".
Beautifully written, lovely, caring emotions from the mother.
I love it! 
Well back to the writing...
Speak soon

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