Thursday, 27 September 2012

One of my children's ebooks featured on Author's Den!

Hi, my little ebook, Hairy, Scary Spider? has been featured on Author's Den. Hooray!
Here is what's been said:

UK children''s author and Illustrator, Paula Mcbride''s colourful children''s picture ebook becomes a national bestseller. The delightful story for the very young, "Hairy, Scary Spider?" becomes a favourite for all.

Many of Paula McBride's picture ebooks for children have hit Amazon UK's top 100 bestselling ebooks. 'Hairy, Scary Spider?' though, has consistently stayed in the top 100 national bestselling lists for the last six months, often in the top 20!
Children and adults alike have fallen in love with the simple, effective illustrations and the adorable, rhyming story as the naughty, little spider tells you all about his adventerous day.
The author and illustrator, Paula McBride says of this work;
"While this picture ebook was originally designed for the 2-5 age group, I have had so much feedback from parents, teachers and grandparents telling me how much they've enjoyed sharing this story with their young ones.
Recently, I was told that after reading my story, a whole class of little ones were making spiders out of paperplates and black wool, another group were making a 'story sack' based on my little book, then discussing if they thought spiders were scary!" she added.

With many 5 out of 5 star reviews, don't miss this simple, though special little story.


This is a great place for publicity, so hopefully I'll get some likes on my facebook page...

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