Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I love reading about children's books and in particular the ever-changing and progressing world of children's ebooks, and I've found a really interesting article about children's ebooks from the Saudi Gazette and I cannot help but agree with the statement that children who have access to digital storybooks may have a much richer personal library. My Kindle is loaded with a variety of children's stories for my kiddies!

Here's a snippit;

Technology doesn’t intimidate children. The smallest tot will reach out for a ringing smartphone. For children, expensive iPads are fascinating entertainment windows. So it’s only natural that toy companies will look for ways to merge age-appropriate technologies and traditional play patterns...

...The last toy to mention today, which has gone high tech in a big way, is the storybook. Parents are getting over their fear of giving an expensive digital device to a small child. Research from the UK’s literary advocate, The Reading Agency, found that 48 percent of parents of primary school-aged children believe electronic devices encourage children to read more. With that in mind, over 40 percent of those parents surveyed have made available a digital device that allows their children to read eBooks. Children who have access to digital storybooks may have a much richer personal library. That’s because eBooks are economical. Bowker Market Research found that the average children’s eBook is $5.65 cheaper than the average hardcover and $3.72 less than the average paperback. Entertaining, educational and economical – eBooks are wonderful tech playthings! 

Here's the link if you want to read the whole article. 

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