Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mark Zuckerburg and the Hairy, Scary Spider?

Mark Zuckerberg and the Hairy Scary Spider?

I use google alerts to tell me if anyone is talking about any of my books over the internet. This sometimes gives surprising results and helps with any marketing.

I had an alert for 'Hairy Scary Spider?' today, and though it wasn't as expected, I thought it was a funny enough story to tell...   Big Grin

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had a problem he needed the web to answer, recently.
But if you're assuming he turned to Facebook for help, you would be wrong.
When confronted with what appeared to be a very hairy, scary spider in his shower, the billionaire social network mogul instead turned to a new venture - Jelly - a site designed to get quick answers to visual questions using just your smartphone camera.
Zuckerberg took a picture of the problem arachnid, and sent the message out on the site.
"What kind of spider is this," he asked. "And is it okay to let it keep living in my shower?"
The response - from the COO of the startup, Kevin Thau - came nine minutes later.
"I think it's a Phidippus johnsoni," he replied. "Probably want to relocate it…"

The spider, it turns out, is not poisonous but does have quite a bite - and it can jump.
Still, it was enough for the site's founder (and Twitter founder) Biz Stone to get pretty excited (on Twitter) anyway:
"First life saved on Jelly!" he said.

I've never heard of 'jelly', but maybe Mr Zuckerberg should have read my Hairy, Scary Spider? before getting in a panic. Tongue
If I had the tech type mind and the know-how I'd send a message to him!

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