Monday, 21 October 2013

Helpful hints to marketing your ebook.

 After two years in the self-publishing business and four bestsellers in their genres, I'm often approached and asked, "how do you market your ebooks?"

So here's a few helpful hints.

Be patient!

Promote whenever you can, but don't be me! me! me! Buy! buy! buy! No-one likes a pusher.

Be more patient. These things take time, from the upload to the reviews coming in. Everything will slowly build. A friend of mine who is approaching 250 thousand downloads tells me how she only sold 40 books in her first year.

Write more books it's the best way to advertise all your titles. If someone is attracted to one of your stories they will search for more. Not many authors do well if only one title.

Use the tools that Amazon gives you. Have a fantastic cover, a brilliant blurb and an up-to-date Author's page.

Don't be afraid to make changes to your blurb, author's page or even your actual book. Listen to your reviewers with an open mind. Have they got a point? Make changes if necessary!

Don't be offensive. There are people who will leave you with a bad review if they don't like what you're saying or you're saying it in a dogmatic way.

Make sure you do some promoting every week whether on your blog or facebook page. Join forums that are genre related and post meaningful threads, be helpful to the group.

Oh! One last thing... be patient!

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