Thursday, 16 February 2012

How to do a launch party or book signing with ebooks?

I've been asked to do a meet-the-author with a couple of readings of my children's picture books at our local library and another at the school I used to attend when young.
My question is how do I make it interesting, fun and profitable without a real book to sign!? (Well I can make it fun, so ignore that bit,) but will signed flyers do the trick?
I'm thinking of making bookmarks, stickers or something like that.
Any help or experiences you can give me will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


  1. I was thinking that very same thing when I uploaded my first book. I made up a postcard with the book's cover and blurb on it. Made sure and list the websites where the book could be purchased and my email address. I figured anyone that wanted a signed "book" would love to have a signed postcard. A bookmark would be nice too. I collect bookmarks.

  2. Hi Savannah, thank you soooo much for your comment, you're my first ever!
    I love the idea of a postcard that I can sign, it seems something
    a-bit-more than a flyer. I have six children's picture books for sale as ebooks, so I could get some of each and let the young ones choose their favourite.
    I like this idea, thank you again.