Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Author's Den has me on 'Featured Children's News'!

Author's Den has a featured news article about me on their children's news. How great! It is as follows:

Paula McBride''s Amazon author pages are up and ready to share with you. With a full list of the author and illustators books, photos and added information.

Amazon author pages offer customers a great way to find new authors, browse favourite authors, discover new books, and much more.

Included in Paula McBride's author page you will find her biography, author images, a video highlighting her children's picture books and a discussion board for comments.

Watch the 3 minute video that shows in time-lapse how Paula illustrates her work, and listen to her voice as she reads samples from some of her children's picture ebooks.

"Author pages really help people get closer to their favourite authors," said Paula McBride, "they're an excellent tool for authors and customers alike."

Read the biography and get to know Paula McBride at her's author pages by following the link below:

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