Sunday, 29 April 2012

Wow! At last I've finished my latest children's ebook and it's now published!

'Football is Fantastic!'

This one was a bit different from my normal picture books as it's a chapter book.
The book is designed to be laugh-out-loud funny, mainly for boys aged 7-10, ideal for sharing - although for confident readers it can be read alone - and so not so long that it appears daunting.
There are 5 sensible length chapters and each page has a humorous line drawing too.

I mistakenly thought the line drawings would be easier than the colour pictures for my picture books, but because I wanted a lot of fun and humour in the pictures they took a very long time to do - and there's lots of them!

I'm very, very pleased with the results though and now it's finished, I can think of the next.
Let me know if you like the look of the cover.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Free children's picture ebook by Paula McBride

Hey everyone, I've been real busy writing and illustrating for my latest ebook soon to be published.
In the meantime I've two special offers for you all.
Free ebook - pass the word - you can download my children's ebook for FREE!

This day only 27th April 2012 you can download my ebook 'Little Chick's First Day!' from or for NO CHARGE.

You cannot help but fall in love with Little Chick on her first day outside her egg!
Follow along as Little Chick hatches from her egg, loses her way and makes matters worse, trying to find her mum and her home.
With beautiful illustrations, that bring Little Chick's character to life, your children will love to hear this charming story over and over again.

Second special offer;

One of my other children's ebooks 'Slippy the Slimy Slug!' - a fun, rhyming picture ebook - is on at a special offer of $0.99, on or

Hope you enjoy them, let me know by giving them a 'like' on Amazon or a review would be great!
Many thanks